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  • A nutritionally-balanced and healthy lunch.

    With the children's health as our number one priority, we provide homemade lunches prepared from carefully selected ingredients. Nutritionally-balanced and created with children's food preferences in mind, our lunch helps to remedy an unbalanced diet. Our menus include international foods and traditional Japanese foods. Lunch is prepared in our kitchen, so the children can enjoy freshly prepared hot and cold meals.

  • Raising internationally-minded children through contact with native speakers.

    In order to help our children to participate fully in our international society, our full-time native-speaking teachers teach them English during kindergarten hours. Young children have a wonderful sense of hearing and the ability to mimic the pronunciation of native speakers. Rather than simply teaching the children English, we have created an environment where children naturally come into contact with English when playing or doing other activities.
    3-year olds are more than capable of picking up languages by ear. In some countries it is not unusual for children to be bilingual or indeed trilingual at this age. Kindergarten years are extremely important years for language development in children. In addition, children absorb more in a fun environment. Outside English class time the children meet our English teachers and English-speaking staff and come into contact with English as they play and have fun.

  • Exercise through swimming (in our heated pool)

    Even though some children are afraid of the shower, when they play in the pool with their friends they gradually become comfortable in the water. By the time they graduate, they develop the confidence to enjoy their time in the pool. Swimming or spending time in the pool helps children during their early developmental years.
    Our professional coaches lead the children's swimming classes in the heated pool all year round.

  • Extended hours daycare (separate fee required)

    On the days kindergarten is open, we offer extended daycare service, including an afternoon snack, up until 6pm. This service is available primarily for working parents. Recently, the ratio of households where both parents are working has increased substantially, so feel free to use this service.


We have three buses at kindergarten which pick up the children in the morning and take them home after kindergarten finishes.
The buses take various routes in Tsukuba and Tsuchiura Cities.
Our experienced drivers and friendly teachers take all necessary precautions to ensure the children have a safe and comfortable trip.


All the children at our Kindergarten wear uniforms.
Navy blue is the base color of the elegantly designed clothes.
Skirts and trousers are worn all year round.

  • UniformLeft : Winter Right : Summer

  • P.E. Uniform

  • SmockLeft : Winter Right : Summer

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